Veglio Barbera díAlba
Tasting Notes:
Full-bodied, black cherry and jammy flavors. Wild rose smells. It goes well with dishes of red meat and cheese; to be served at room temperature.


The vineyard is divided into 4 departments, all of them have a common denominator: the maintenance of scents to enhance the purity and integrity of the wine. The new winery was built at the beginning of the 2000ís. It consists of two vinification areas, the aging area and the storage area. The grapes are taken care in the vineyard, later they are transported to the winery for pressing. The reds are vinified on the outside and white ones inside. The attention of holders for perfume is almost obsessive. Constant temperature control so the wine making process is not subject to rush, and to achieve a natural stabilization of the color. The use of selected yeasts prepares the wine to be storage in stainless steel barrels aging or wooden casks of 50 hl for the noblest wines . Humidity and temperature are controlled to allow the wine to properly mature. In the storage department, the bottles are maintained for about six months in special baskets.

Vinification process:
Soft pressing, preserved in stainless steel barrels.

Aging process:

Main aromas and flavors:
Black cherry, jam and rose.

Alcohol Contents:
13% - 14%

History Awards: