Medanos Chardonnay
Tasting Notes:
Wine of a bright yellow color and green shades with aromas that reminiscent butter and vanilla on an apple axis. Balanced mouth, between liveliness and fruits. It has a good body and a creamy way trough. Long and overwhelming with an apple present finish.

100% Chardonnay

Is a captivated wine elaborated with organic grapes, grown under the concept of respect and care for the environment and in compliance with the international organic production standards that guarantee its production and traceability. Sandy with high refraction land. The vine production is controlled by mesh for protection against hail.

Vinification process:
grape selection on a quality control table, controlled stem removing and milling. Conduction under cold conditions with peristaltic pumps. Classical maceration in stainless steel tanks, with daily remounting, tasted by tasting, pneumatic pressing.

Aging process:
Stainless steel

Limited Production
Alcohol Contents:
13% Vol

Main aromas and flavors:
Butter, vanilla and green apple

History Awards: