Intipalka - Chardonnay
Tasting Notes:
Pale yellow color, fresh and intense flavors reminiscent of tropical fruits with banana notes. The rounded palate, fresh with its natural acidity. Medium bodied and long finish.


Vineyards are located in the desert coast of Peru along the right margin of Caņete River, 3.5 km from the coastline. Sandy loan soils, alluvial subsoil with gravel and boulder. Desert, seashore weather with sunny summers tempered by the proximity of the sea. Sea breeze provides mineral notes and complexity to wines. Gravity irrigation, harvest is carried out by hand.

Vinification process:
The wine plant receives crops from Ica and Caņete valleys during the vintage months. Harvest is performed by hand between February and April. It has capacity for more than 5 million liters and is equipped with stainless steel vats with cooling system.The aging of wine is made in barrels of French and American oak, which are kept in a room with controlled temperature and humidity.

Aging process:
stainless Steel

Limited Production
Alcohol Contents:
12,5% Vol

Main aromas and flavors:
Tropical fruits with banana notes

History Awards: