Haroldos Malbec
Tasting Notes:
Intense, shiny purplish red color. Intense and complex aromas of plum, cherry and raisins. In the mouth you can taste the sweet tannins, very well-balanced. Interesting berries where plum stands out.


The Falasco Family is deeply rooted in the winemaking industry with over 70 years’ of experience. The use of grapes from vines grown on different soils, climates and regions in Mendoza, where winters are chilly, summers are dry and warm, nights are cool, soils are rich and melt water from the Andes is used for irrigating them. This allows to obtain a high quality product both in young wines and wines with aging potential.

Vinification process:
Selected grapes. Fermentation at a controlled temperature.

Aging process:
Stainless steel

Limited Production
Alcohol Contents:
13% Vol

Main aromas and flavors:

History Awards:

haroldos malbec