Canaletto Pinot Noir
Tasting Notes:
Ripe summer fruits with notes of raspberries. While full of flavour, this wine is quite light in body, making it perfect to drink on its own or with cured meats.

100% Pinot Noir

Grapes are de-stemmed, then the must is cooled down to 10C and is kept at this temperature for 48 hours during the maceration period. The temperature is then increased and fermentation is initiated by the addition of selected yeasts. The alcoholic fermentation lasts 8-10 days at a temperature between 16-18C. After this period another racking is carried out and the wine is left for about 3-4 months on the fermentation lees, important for the structure and suppleness of the wine.

Vinification process:
Grapes are de-stemmed and not pressed. The juice is separated from the skins in a pneumatic press. The must is refrigerated at a temperature of 10C (50F) for 12-24 hours and is allowed to decant naturally by gravity. After racking, selected yeasts are added in order to initiate the fermentation process which is carried out at a controlled temperature of 16 18C (61-65F) for about 8-10 days. After a second racking the wine is left on the fine lees for about 3-4 months, which contributes to the body and suppleness of the wine.

Aging process:

Main aromas and flavors:

Alcohol Contents:
13% vol.

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