Alea Crianza
Tasting Notes:
A full-bodied, very well-balanced wine of an intense ruby-red color and strong flavor, with predominant hints of vanilla that bear witness to its long aging.

100% Tempranillo.

The grapes for this great wine, which will go down in history, are carefully selected.

Vinification process:
The grapes are completely removed from the vine and then fermented in a halo of floating grape refuse at a maximum temperature of 28C. Once the fermentation has come to an end, the wine is kept in contact with the grape skin in order to be given the structure and tannins needed so that they change during the wine's aging for at least the next fifteen months, until the wine reaches its full-bodied flavor, in a new American oak barrel.

Aging process:
15 months in American oak, 12 months in bottle.

Alcohol Contents:
12,5% vol

Limited Production
Main aromas and flavors:
Ruby red color, vanilla.

History Awards: